About Us And Our Shoes

High Standards. High Quality.

Sebenza Asia Pte Ltd was established in 2016 to market and promote safety footwear produced in South Africa by the BBF Safety Group into the South East Asia region.

Sebenza Asia Pte Ltd is located in Singapore in order to optimally service the South East Asia region.

BBF Safety Group factories are ISO 9001 certified and all our products meets the requirements of various accreditation bodies.

Today, over a million pairs of the men’s safety shoes are produced annually in the factories in South Africa. BBF safety footwear is exported worldwide.

Affordable Quality You Can Trust.

Protection for every Worker in every Industry, we are committed to providing optimum, innovation-driven protection for as many working environments as possible. There is even a specialist Paramilitary range, where safety boots for men and women in security operations can be made to order, and dispatched around the globe.

Our shoes are engineered to a very high standard and meet the requirements of various accreditation bodies.

Catering To Both Genders.

Women have spoken and we have listened. SiSi have taken into account working environments, the shape of women’s feet and what suits them best. As a proud BBF Safety Group (Pty) Ltd brand, we are proud to offer an improved range that now offers even more variety and quality.

For SiSi, style is a matter of personal expression and fitting into your professional environment. That’s why we allow women to express themselves in a range of safety footwear styled just for them.

We manufactured our range of women-specific footwear moulds, in order to prevent fatigue through specially contoured footwear that empowers women to excel in their environment.